I come from the land of ice and snow (at least for the last couple of days)

Not us. Not even close.

Not us. Not even close.

Just got back from staying overnight in a hotel because the falling branches from icy trees knocked out the power at our house (and all over our town). The weather went from snow to freezing rain to snow to freezing rain again, leaving a lot of ice coating everything. Driving in and out of our subdivision was very slippy-slidey. However, probably the most irritating thing was that the hotel’s ISP also lost power for the entire time we were there, so no Internet for us for about 18 hours. If that’s the most irritating thing, then I think we got pretty lucky. I think they call this “first world problems.”

So what does a person do without Internet. Well, knit, for one thing, until I got to a stitch in the pattern that I didn’t know and, oops, no Internet to go look it up. Then I thought maybe I could work on some writing, but, no, all the documents are on Google docs. You never quite realize how much you depend on connectivity until it’s gone. I contented myself with playing Doctor Who: Legacy (doesn’t require a connection to play), some reading, and watching “The Day of the Doctor.” I’m pretty good at turning any situation into a Doctor Who situation. (The fridge in the room wasn’t cold, and it was too dark to see the thermostat control, so I used my sonic screwdriver to light it up. Really. Worked perfectly.)

I really don’t have much else to say. I hope that if you’re experiencing inclement weather that you’re able to stay inside, nice and safe.


Blu-rays, DVDs, sonic screwdrivers, and jelly babies

Blu-rays, DVDs, sonic screwdrivers, and jelly babies

Here’s a pic of the shelf I’ve cleared off for my Doctor Who collection, featuring our blu-rays and DVDs and a few displayables. Things like t-shirts won’t be stored here, but I have a bunch of figures and things that I’m sure, over time, will eventually take over the entire bookshelf. But first, I have to clear away all the other stuff: Pokemon figs, Star Trek trading cards, other toys. We are both horrible packrats and have way too much stuff.

We are also incredibly messy. We have a lot of movies and TV shows on DVD/blu-ray, and they’re all stacked up next to the TV, left on a pile after we watch them (in their cases, at least, no loose discs). My husband makes fun of me because when I watch Doctor Who, I place the discs back on the shelf here – I’m taking no chances with losing them or having the cases mangled in a pile. They are my preciousss.

By the way, the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors’ screwdrivers are the remote control replicas, so you can see how good they look. The Tenth Doctor’s screwdriver usually sits on my desk, so I can play with it all the time, but I wanted it in this pic. The Fourth Doctor screwdriver is the one from Character Options; we have a second copy of it for my husband to play with.

Hm. I should add my half-moon brainy specs and replica celery. I need to start cleaning off those other shelves…


This morning, I headed out to drop a few letters in the mailbox while my husband was still putting his shoes on. On the way back, I saw that he was coming out of the house and heading to the car to put his laptop in the trunk. I whipped out my sonic screwdriver (the toy pen one you get when you buy the Journal of Impossible Things on ThinkGeek) and fired just as he popped the trunk. (Too bad it doesn’t have sound.) He looked up at me just after and saw me holding the screwdriver up with the end still lit.

“What are you doing?”

“I just opened the trunk for you!”

“You are SUCH a geek!”

Yes. Yes, I am. Thank you.