Finally done with series 6



Wow, it’s been a long week. I finally got my new desk at work, so I’m no longer situated in a conference interrupted by people who need to have meetings. I’m right next to a wall, so hopefully I’ll figure out a way to put up my Ninth/Tenth/Eleventh Doctor poster on the concrete wall. I figure everyone else has their Star Wars and Avengers stuff up, so I need to inject a little class into the office.

Anyway, this weekend so far has been wonderful. Today started with sitting with my husband and talking Doctor Who for an hour. Then I watched “42,” one of my favorite episodes. Then we went out for breakfast (at 1:30 in the afternoon), and returned home to relax. We haven’t had a relaxing weekend for about a month, so this has been especially nice.

We finally finished our watch-through of Series 6 last night. What was very interesting was that while the first half of the season kept injecting the episodes with Madame Kovarian’s eyes to keep reminding you of “yes, something weird is going on,” there was nothing like that in the second half of the season, and I actually forgot that the Doctor was supposed to die until he started talking about it in “Closing Time” (the penultimate episode), even though I had seen the season before. It almost seems like the season storyline is either too much or too little.

In general, I enjoyed Series 6, though not as much as Series 5 (or, of course, Series 4, which is my favorite). On second viewing, the storyline is nowhere near as confusing as it was the first time. I think the only thing I really didn’t like was River being dead set on destroying the universe because she didn’t want to kill the Doctor. First, I think that’s a horrible attitude to have in the first place, though, of course, River is both a psychopath and very selfish. But secondly, I am surprised that that didn’t kill the Doctor’s faith in her. If the situation were reversed, while the Doctor would not want to kill River, he’d do so if the alternative meant destroying the universe (and certainly he’s made that decision before, at the end of the Time War and in The End of Time). The Doctor has also shown that he’s very willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good (though I suppose that’s more of a Tenth Doctor trait than an Eleventh Doctor trait). Mostly, though, it’s difficult for me to envision the Doctor to continue respecting a person who is willing to destroy the universe simply to avoid killing him. I guess it’s romantic (is it?), and I guess it was necessary for the narrative, to get them married, but it just rubbed me the wrong way.

I would definitely have liked to have seen more of Canton Everett Delaware III, as he was a fantastic character. And Craig Owens. Craig is probably my favorite of the guest characters during the Eleventh Doctor’s run. He knows a lot about the Doctor from the headbutt psychic transfer in “The Lodger” – he’s one of the few characters that understands regeneration – but he is still bewildered by him and reacts to him like a normal human. He’s also very loyal and very brave. I think that if they used him right, he could be the modern show’s Brigadier: a recurring character that the Doctor can rely on. I would certainly love to see him encounter the Twelfth Doctor and have to deal with the new face and personality. It would be very cool to watch his life unfold (and watch Stormageddon grow up) every couple of seasons.