My Fanfiction

Doctor Who inspired in me the urge to write stories within the universe as a way of exploring the characters and concepts in the show that enthrall me so much. This is a list of the fanfics I’ve written, and the links take you to them on An Archive of Our Own, one of the best archives of transformative works (that’s the pretentious term for “fanfic”). I hope you enjoy them!

Multi-chapter fics have their word count indicated. The rest are short stories that range from 100 to about 5000 words in length.

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Eleventh Doctor Era

The Actor: David Tennant finds himself in the TARDIS with the Doctor, Amy, and Rory. (~36k words)

The Number“: Clara is given the phone number of the best help line in the universe.

One Day“: What was the first thing the Doctor did when he left the National Museum and the Curator?

One Tiny Spark“: The Doctor and Amy observe a star.

Untitled“: The TARDIS always takes the Doctor where he needs to go.


Tenth Doctor Era

Mistaken Identity: The Doctor and Donna fall through a crack in the universe and find themselves in the Harry Potter universe. (~18k words)

A Teacher and a Housemaid: Short story collection about the Farringham School for Boys before the events of “Human Nature” / “The Family of Blood”

A Forgotten Face“: In 1969 during the events of “Blink,” the Doctor encounters an unexpected friend.

A Lady’s Nightmare“: Reinette recovers from finding a monster under the bed.

A Light Tale“: Donna’s a bit tied up at the moment.

All Part of the Plan“: The Doctor and Martha are running again.

A Splendid Day“: The Doctor and Donna spend a day touring London.

And He’s Wonderful“: Hutchinson gets to know Tim Latimer a little better after the younger man saves his life in the trenches of World War I.

Bloody Doctors!“: Broadchurch / Doctor Who crossover. Miller and Hardy work late one night.

Boxing Day“: Every year, Donna celebrates Boxing Day with her friends.

Every Mirror“: On the other side of the glass, eternity passes one day at a time.

Home and Heart“: The story of a mother who can offer her children the universe.

L’Homme dans la cheminée (The Man in the Fireplace)“: Forgetting her childhood imaginary friend, Reinette grows up.

The Last Gift“: The Doctor has one last thing to give to his friends.

Out of Ashes“: Evelina and her family work to establish themselves in Rome after surviving the destruction of Pompeii.

Ravenous“: Doctor Who / Casanova crossover. The Doctor and Rose flee a fanged beast.

The Savage Beast“: The Doctor and Martha assist with the construction of a new human colony.

Two After Midnight“: Recovering after an ill-fated bus tour…


Ninth Doctor Era

The Dawn of the Doctor“: Having saved Gallifrey, his task done, the War Doctor regenerates.


Fifth Doctor Era

Emergency Slide“: Tegan and Nyssa are trapped waiting for the Doctor.



Calling the Doctor: Short story collection about how the Doctors ask their previous incarnations to help them freeze Gallifrey in an instant of time.

The Message“: The Doctors start the calculations to stow Gallifrey in an instant of time.


Miscellaneous and other fandoms

Doctor Who Christmas: Christmas carol parodies.

Liquid Luck“: Harry Potter fandom. What did the student who won the only other Felix Felicis do with it?


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