My Adventures with Doctor Who (Series 3 and Beyond)

This is a gorgeous summary of one person’s journey through watching all of the reboot Doctor Who series. It goes over the good and bad of the show, and pinpoints why it resonates with certain people (like me). It’s a great read. Enjoy!

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Author: Jay-Rey (@jay_rey)

Click Here for Part I

Click Here for Part II

Its weird. I started out these articles with the intention of just trying to grasp what made the series so popular. A little over a month later I am totally caught up with the series. Instead of getting a peak, I have been sucked into a world of blue boxes, time travel, and british people.

I’ll try not to go too deep into the plot of the show at this point. I am 5 seasons ahead of where I should be because I couldn’t stop. But its worth it to explain what happened to me while I watched the show. And hopefully this last article will serve as a gateway for Whovians to get their friends into the show.

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