David Tennant’s Special Recognition Award at the 2015 NTAs

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier for him. The National Television Awards presented David Tennant with their Special Recognition award, for his vast body of excellent work in British television. The presentation, which included a montage of his works and statements by various people about him (including one from his father), is something to watch.

From this journal, it’s no secret that I adore Mr. Tennant. His Doctor is certainly my favorite of the fourteen Doctors so far, but that’s a character personality / story arc assessment. I like him for so much more than that, and in fact, his Doctor is not my favorite character of his: if I had to choose, I’d have to name Alec Hardy from Broadchurch, or possibly Benedick from Much Ado About Nothing.  It’s really just his talent, his ability to interpret and portray a vast array of characters that mesmerizes me. It’s hard to explain. I watch one of his shows and I forget that it’s David Tennant playing a character, because he is that character. Want a great example? Listen to the Doctor Who audiobook, Dead Air. He narrates as the Doctor, but does the voices for the other three characters, and while he is simply switching between them as he reads, he sounds like four different people playing the characters. He’s unbelievable.

He also has a fantastic sense for selecting good projects to get involved in and great characters to interpret. Broadchurch is the shining example, of course, as with his reputation, he probably has the pick of any project he might want to do. The show captured Britain’s attention and Hardy is simply a fantastic character. I think the only program that I’ve seen of his so far that was truly bad was The Decoy Bride; even the silly, campy things that he’s done, like St. Trinian’s 2 and Nativity 2 were entertaining and fun. Of course, he doesn’t only do television, movies, and theater. He does audio plays, audio books, and narration (Wings 3D was stunning, and I just love his bedtime stories for CBeebies). And outside of his performance work, he works tirelessly for the charities that he’s dedicated himself to.

I think, though, one of his most stunning attributes is his humility. Watch that video: it’s very apparent that he was not only completely surprised by the recognition, but embarrassed by it. And this is constant across all of his interviews and media appearances. Though of course the focus is on him, he seems honestly stunned that anyone wants to see and listen to him. He seems surprised that people think he’s any good, and I think he’s actually rather shy, when it comes down to being himself. It’s refreshing to see in a celebrity, especially one so talented, and rather endearing.

Congratulations, Mr. Tennant! You have the love and respect of your audience and deserve every bit of that award.

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