Doctor Who: Legacy – Rank 5

It’s August, and that means thatĀ Doctor Who: Legacy is submitted their newest update to Apple, Google Play, and Facebook for approval, and hopefully within a week or two, it’ll be live! The new content, which is an extension of Season 5, is called “The Search for Greyhound One,” which indicates we’ll be looking for the Brigadier. There will be new levels, as well as new companions, including Ace, Idris, and Rose. Luckily, there was a contest for Ace which I was able to get in on, and I received her today. At the moment, she’s level 32, and I should have her at level 50 tomorrow.

I’ve been meaning to write a guide to rank 5 for a while, but have been putting it off. So, even though it’s pretty late, here you go!

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Ranking Up

Up until the previous update, the highest rank and level a Doctor or companion to achieve was rank 4 and level 40. Now, level 40 characters can be ranked up to rank 5, allowing them to level up to level 50. In order rank up to rank 5, you must spend regular Time Fragments plus special new Time Fragments. I don’t know what they’re officially called, so this is what I’m calling them:

  • Rassilon: the Time Fragment that’s aqua in color and is shaped like the Symbol of Rassilon
  • Diamond: the Time Fragment that’s light gold in color and is diamond-shaped
  • Rainbow: the Time Fragment that’s rainbow-colored

The new Time Fragments drop from enemies in the top levels of Season 5, the top levels of the Fan Area, and the Expert levels. The level selection page shows which fragments drop in each level (though it can only display two and in most multi-stage levels, all three types of new fragments drop; more on this in the “Farming the New Fragments” section).

Here are the number of Time Fragments you need to level a character to rank 5. (remember that “vulnerable color” is the color that character does double damage to, so for example, a Green character’s vulnerable color is Blue):


  • 25 Time Fragments of the main color
  • 25 Time Fragments of the vulnerable color
  • 5 Rainbow Time Fragments


  • 20 Time Fragments of the main color
  • 20 Time Fragments of the vulnerable color
  • If the companion is Red, Blue, or Green, 3 Diamond Time Fragments
  • If the companion is Black or Gold, 3 Rassilon Time Fragments

When you rank a character (Doctor or companion) up to rank 5, he gets a secondary color (more on that later) and his power(s) change. If he’s a Doctor, his attributes increase. If he’s a companion, his attributes stay the same, but he changes to level 41 and can level up to 50.

Secondary Colors

For Doctors (but not advanced Doctors from the Expert levels), the secondary color is always the color of the previous Doctor. So, for example, the Sixth Doctor’s secondary color is Green, because the Fifth Doctor’s color is Green. For companions and advanced Doctors, there doesn’t seem to be a pattern for the secondary color choice.

What does a secondary color do? Well, on the surface, it allows the character a second attack with that color. For example, if a character is Blue/Red, it will attack when you match either Blue or Red gems. If you match both Blue and Red in one turn, the character will attack with both. However, that also means that character counts as both colors, so if an enemy does a Stun Red, it will stun any character that has Red as its primary or secondary color.

  • If the secondary color is different from the primary color, its attack attribute is 30% of its main attack attribute. That is, a Blue/Red character with an attack of 1000 will have 1000 when it attacks with Blue and 300 when it attacks with Red.
  • If the secondary color is the same as the primary color, its attack attribute is 10% of its main attack attribute. That is, a Blue/Blue character with an attack of 1000 will have 1100 when it attacks with Blue.

Secondary colors add more strategy to the game, as you might decide to choose one character over another because its secondary color is more useful. For example, in a level with Black and Green enemies, you might choose to use Jimmy Wicks Ganger (Gold/Green) over Madame Vastra (Gold/Blue) because Vastra’s secondary color is weak against Green.

Power Changes

When a character is ranked up to 5, the power is changed in a significant way, rather than simply becoming a slightly more powerful version like it did in previous rank-ups. Here are some of the ways the powers change:

  • Number of turns to power up is decreased
  • Absolute damage becomes percentage damage (e.g. “Deals 5000 damage to an enemy” becomes “Deals 25% damage to an enemy”)
  • Absolute healing becomes percentage healing (e.g. “Heals 5000 HP” becomes “Heals 25% HP”)
  • A power that turns one color of gem to another color now turns two colors of gem to that other color

Most of these power changes have been good. In specific, the change from absolute damage to percentage damage was sorely needed. Powers that did 10000 damage to all enemies were powerful in Season 7 and Season 6, but in Season 5, where many enemies had 200,000 HP or more, those powers were useless. Now they do percentage damage, which means the damage is scaled to the enemy’s current HP, making it very useful against high-HP enemies.

The one power that suffered is healing. Because your team tends to have 10,000 HP, or maybe 20,000 HP at the most, powers that do 5000 or 10000 HP in healing are very useful; 25% healing won’t do much for you. Because of this, you might want to not rank up your healers to rank 5. It completely depends on your play style and team composition, of course.

Farming the New Fragments

So, now that there are new Time Fragments, where do you get them, and what’s the most efficient way to farm for them? As I listed above, the Time Fragments are currently available in three places:

  • The top levels of Season Five
  • The top levels of the Fan Area
  • The Expert levels

Note that there are no levels that drop both regular Time Fragments and new Time Fragments. You must farm them separately.

First things first: you don’t want to farm them from the Expert levels. They’re difficult, and take fifteen minutes or more to defeat, so they’re not time-efficient.

So, where’s the most efficient place to get the new Time Fragments? Well, this is based on somewhat anecdotal evidence, though I did do some data-gathering that tends to support this, but if you have the Fan Area open, you should be farming there. We know that the Time Fragment drop rates are higher there, but also, the levels in the Fan Area are easier, letting you breeze through them, rather than fight hard for every enemy you face. I spent quite a bit of time playing through the multi-stage levels in Season 5 and got very few drops while spending a lot of time beating each stage. Then I did the same thing playing the level “Jenny” in the Fan Area, which can drop all three types of new fragments, and I was usually getting one fragment a game, with very little effort and time invested. So this is my advice:

  • If you have the Fan Area unlocked, play the level “Jenny.” All three monsters in the level drop the Rainbow, the outer two drop the Diamond, and the middle one drops the Rassilon. (If you only need the Rassilon symbol, play “[Easy] Daleks at the Rift” instead, because it’s far faster to kill one easy monster.)
  • If you don’t have the Fan Area unlocked, play “The Impossible Planet,” with a Green team with Black support. It drops all symbols, and the fact that it’s mostly Blue with a little Gold and Black makes it easy to tailor your team to beat it. (The other long levels that drop the new fragments have enemies of all colors.)
  • Caveat: If the game is running an “extra experience and extra fragment drop” promotion for an area, farm there. The extra drop chance is very high and completely worth it.
  • Don’t concentrate onĀ farming Rainbow symbols for your Doctors, because you’ll get them while you’re farming the others. With 16 Doctors at the moment, you only need 80 Rainbows total, while you’ll need nearly 250 total of the other two fragments, so they’re the ones you need to focus on.