Doctor Who: Legacy – Experience and Fragment Farming

It’s very common in most games in which you are trying to level characters up that you end up at a point where you run out of game content and all you’re doing is trying to gather experience or items to continue to make levels on those characters, and Doctor Who: Legacy is no different. The problem, of course, is that gathering, otherwise known as “farming,” is boring, because usually the most interesting levels to play are not the ones that are quick to complete or provide the most character progress. Thus, your best bet is to find the fastest, most efficient levels to run through over and over again. This guide gives suggestions on levels to play based on what you’re trying to accomplish, along with the reasons why these levels are good.

Please note, these are the levels that I’ve decided work best for me. You can probably find discussions on the web that suggest more levels, and they might work better for you.

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Farming Time Fragments

To level a single character to rank 4, you need a total of 36 Time Fragments, 18 of two different colors. If it’s a Doctor, that number goes up to 48 Time Fragments (24 of each color). With rank 5 becoming available later this week, we can extrapolate that those totals to get to rank 5 will be 64 Time Fragments for companions, and 80 for Doctors. That’s a lot of Time Fragments! And that’s not counting the number of Pink Time Fragments (18 / 32 for companions, 24 / 40 for Doctors)! How do you get all those fragments?

There are a few things you have to consider to find good levels to farm for the fragments you want. First is ease of completion: if the level is too hard to complete easily, you’ll spend too much time playing the level, when you could play a different level twice in the same amount of time. Second is whether or not you need Pink fragments: if you do, you can’t play Season 7, which doesn’t drop them. Third is how well the fragments drop: while I don’t have hard data, it seems that some enemies drop fragments far more often than others. For example, Weeping Angels seem to drop Blue fragments very often, while Handbots drop Green fragments rather rarely.

Another problem that I had finding good farming levels was that while the symbols on the level tell you the most common enemy colors found in that level, they’re often misleading. For example, a level might show Red and Green, so you play it because you want Green, but it’s mostly populated with Red enemies, with one Green enemy, one Blue enemy, and one Gold enemy, making it more or less useless for Green farming.

Thus, I finally chose farming levels given the following criteria:

  • They’re in Season 6, so they give Pink fragments but aren’t too hard.  I stuck to the ones in the lower half of the season. (If you don’t need Pink fragments, you can try Season 7, since those levels will be even faster to whip through.)
  • They produce only one color. You’re guaranteed the color you want, and it makes it easy to overwhelm the level with a single-color team (which also allows you to earn the single-color team achievements).
  • The enemies drop their fragments often, or the level has plenty of the enemy, to increase the chance of drops (preferably both).

Then, for each color level, I created a team of the color that beats that level’s color, with these rules:

  • One Doctor and at least one or two high-level companions (for damage output).
  • The rest of the companions can be there to gain experience. You’ll be fragment farming enough that you’ll level up your other characters as you go along.
  • At least one color-changing character, so that if you run out of your damage color, you can convert gems to the color you need. (Note: For Green, the Second Doctor is fantastic, but you have to keep an eye on him. His first power is the color change and it comes up very quick, but it quickly turns into the second power, which is useless for farming. Be sure to fire off his color change as soon as it becomes available.)
  • The perks are selected to maximize your color damage. It really helps.

Once you have your levels and teams selected, you’re ready to go. Here are the levels I chose to farm:

  • Black: Whispermen Nightmares
  • Gold: Time Attack: Run!
  • Red: Time Attack: Dinosaurs!
  • Blue: Angels over London
  • Green: The Girl Who Waited: Apalapucia?

The Green level is actually not very good (it’s short and Rorybots have a terrible drop rate) but there isn’t any other Green choice. You may not like the time-limited levels for Gold and Red, but their drop rates are very good.

Farming Experience

Single-Color Teams

Because Time Fragments are such a limiting reagent, experience farming will be secondary: while you’re fragment farming, as long as you keep switching out maxed-out characters for characters that need experience, you’ll level them up on the experience from fragment farming. However, what if you’re not fragment farming? Well, the easiest levels to experience farm on are the ones with the fewest enemies.

  • Find levels that three or less stages. A single stage is best, but those often come with very tough enemies that might take as long as other levels with more stages.
  • Try to use a single-color level.
  • Use as many characters as you can that beats the color of the stage.
  • Of the levels that you find that fit the above criteria, play the highest-experience one that you can beat easily.

I found that I spent most of my time fragment farming and made plenty of experience to level up my characters during that, so I didn’t figure out which levels would be good for straight experience farming, except for one. “Sontaran Captain Vade the Defiant” is a mono-Gold level in Season 6 where you battle Vade twice. With a team and perks weighted towards Black, this level is quick to get though and awards 21,000 experience.

Multi-Color Teams

What if you  have a bunch of characters that you want to farm experience for, but they’re all different colors? I recommend using the Season 5 level “A Very Sontaran Christmas.” That’s right, use the time-limited single Toclafane level. Why? Because it’s a fast level if you know how to beat it. Check out my discussion on it, but here’s the quick once-over.

  • Toclafane take only 1 damage per attack, so diversify your team colors and make sure to attack with as many colors every turn as you can.
  • Don’t double up on attacks (as in, match two different Red matches). It doesn’t add damage, and the combos make them take longer, eating up precious time.
  • Try to attack every turn with whatever color you have two characters of. That’s two damage instead of just one.

Once you can beat it, this level is fantastic for gaining experience on characters of different colors. Why?

  • It lasts 90 seconds at most.
  • It gives over 15,000 experience. That’s 15k experience every 90 seconds (and usually I beat this level in 60 seconds).
  • Toclafane don’t do much damage. That means with a high-ranked Doctor, you can use low-level characters – they do as much damage as high-level characters.