Wordy shenanigans

SusanTheEscapeIn the episode “An Unearthly Child,” Susan claims to have created the name “TARDIS” from the initials of the craft’s proper name, Time and Relative Dimension in Space. There’s been a lot of discussion about whether or not this is true, because the term is used by all of the Time Lords and it’s highly unlikely they would have adopted the term from Susan.

It doesn’t seem to be a problem in my mind, if you consider that we’re speaking English when we call the craft a TARDIS but its real name is Gallifreyan. Susan could have created the acronym from the English translation of the Gallifreyan name (possibly to make it pronounceable for humans), while the Time Lords use a completely different word to refer to it. When a Time Lord says its Gallifreyan name, either through the TARDIS’ translation circuit or through the translation we get by being the audience of the show, we hear the word “TARDIS.” Thus, there’s no contradiction: the Time Lords have their own word for it, and Susan created the acronym.

This is the kind of thing that occurs to you at two in the morning.


2 responses to “Wordy shenanigans

  1. Awesome. 🙂 I have thoughts like that too, usually when I’m lying down and thinking about Doctor Who. Oddly, ideas come easier to me that way.

    Recently, I got the idea that in the Doctor Who/Eastenders special “Dimensions In Time” the reason we never see Turlough among the Doctor’s companions was that he was captured by the Rani when she was making her menagerie (because he always gets captured by the bad guys). Not ever having seen him with the Doctor, she was ignorant of her Trion’s potential to be used as bait to capture the Time Lord.

    When she lets them all out to serve as a psychically controlled army, Turlough was just as much under her control as any of them but he got lost in the crowd and never came in contact with any of the Doctor’s incarnations. Once he is freed, however, he finds himself near the Tractator (because he has the worst luck) and runs away in fear and confusion, not quite sure how he got to Earth but hating it all the same.

    After was all over, UNIT (and the Brigadier), finding and recognizing him, helped him get a proper ship so he could go back home to Trion and continue the tutoring of his baby brother Malkon in the ways of the technologically advanced.

    • *When she let
      *Once he was
      *After it was

      Or he could’ve materialized and spoke with one of the incarnations at a point when they were off-screen.

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