Doctor Who: Legacy – the Toclafane

Toclafane-sphereWith Season Five in Doctor Who: Legacy, the difficulty of the game ramps quite a bit, with enemies with new powers, high attack, and large amounts of HP. However, the first roadblock level appears third, titled “A Very Sontaran Christmas.” With a name like that, you expect a normal level with a bunch of Sontaran to defeat, and maybe some Christmas trees and robot Santas, but instead, you have 90 seconds to defeat a single black Toclafane. I encountered it immediately after the update and I paid a Time Crystal to get past it, because I could not beat it and I wanted to get on with seeing the rest of the content. Since the release of the season, the developers have toned down the difficulty of this level, but you might still find it to be difficult or impossible, and the Toclafane continue to reappear throughout Season Five. So, here’s an explanation of how they work and some tips on how to defeat them.

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The reason that the Toclafane are so difficult is that they take damage differently from every other enemy. Do you remember them in “The Sound of Drums” / “Last of the Time Lords?” They had nearly impenetrable armor, and the only way Martha could kill one was to electrocute it. The Toclafane in the game reflect this quality, and sadly, there is no electrocution that you can use to kill one easily. Here’s how they work.

  • Each hit on a Toclafane does 1 point of damage.
  • The Toclafane in “A Very Sontaran Christmas” has 20 HP.
  • The Toclafane in “A Very  Sontaran Christmas” has a damage attack and a lock move that locks a row or column on the edge of the board.
  • You have 90 seconds to defeat this Toclafane.

Considering these qualities, these are the concepts and strategies you need to consider while building your team and playing “A Very Sontaran Christmas.”

  • Since everyone does 1 point of damage, attack is not important. Choose team members for HP and/or healing.
  • In most cases, you won’t be using your characters’ powers. Time ticks down while you look at them, so you don’t have the time to think about them.
  • You will defeat the level in about 6-7 turns (that’s all the time you have), so powers that take more turns than that to turn on are useless.
  • Diversify colors. Have one of each color on your team, so that every match you make will do damage.
  • Make combos. Time ticks down while all the animations are playing, so you don’t want to make single-match moves and waste the time waiting for their animations to play.
  • Make combos, but not of matches of the same color. If you match two sets of 3 reds, that only adds extra damage to your red characters who are already attacking, and that extra damage doesn’t count (it always only does 1 point). You could have kept that second set of red for the next round.
  • You will have two characters of one color – that’s your staple color. A match of your staple color does two damage, since you have two characters attacking. Concentrate on making that color attack as often as possible.
  • If the Toclafane is going to use a Lock move, don’t leave good moves on the edge of the screen for the next turn. It might lock that edge.
  • “Resist lock 1 turn for team” is a good perk to use if you have it.

Once you get the hang of “A Very Sontaran Christmas,” it’s actually pretty easy, and is not a bad power-leveling level. It gives a little over 10,000 experience points every 90 seconds, which is a pretty good rate, and since every character deals the same damage and the Toclafane doesn’t hit all that hard or very often, you can defeat the level with characters in their teens or 20s.

The Toclafane reappear in many levels during Season Five, and they get progressively harder, even though none of the later ones are timed (as far as I’ve gotten anyway). I just defeated “Rise of the Master part 3” and it took me at least twenty tries, with a lot of tweaking of my team and perks. Without the time limit, the difficulty of this level stemmed from having to defeat three Toclafane directly. The two on the outside simply attacked every round, while the one in the middle had a damage attack (two rounds), a heal, and something else I can’t remember – I’ll try to remember to come back and edit this post if I ever try that level again. The problem, of course, is that the Toclafane are just doing more damage than you can reliably heal, while you’re trying to whittle down one of them faster than the center enemy can heal it. Here are the strategies I used (repeating ones from the top list if they’re relevant).

  • Since everyone does 1 point of damage, attack is not important. Choose team members for HP and/or healing.
  • Diversify colors. Have one of each color on your team, so that every match you make will do damage.
  • You will have two characters of one color – that’s your staple color. A match of your staple color does two damage, since you have two characters attacking. Concentrate on making that color attack as often as possible.
  • The most important thing is to kill one of the Toclafane. Once one is dead, the other two are pretty much pushovers. But all three together is deadly. Choose one and concentrate on it.
  • Given the point above, the early game is all that matters, and thus, choose characters that gain their powers in 4-5 turns if possible.
  • Make combos, as much as possible. You don’t have a time limit, so animation time is not important. However, the Doctor’s power becomes available based on the number of combos you make, so the more and the bigger the combos you make, the sooner he can fire off his power.
  • Choose good perks. More discussion about this below.
  • Choose good powers. More discussion about this below, too.

Here is the team and strategies I used.

  • Doctor: Third Doctor or War Doctor – 30% damage to all enemies can’t be beat – that’s 6 damage to each Toclafane.
  • Red: Clara – healer
  • Gold: I used Amy because I got her mixed up with Special Agent Amy Pond, a red healer. Amy is the wrong person to use. You can either go with someone who will do 1 damage to all enemies, like Madame Vastra, or the only gold healer, Old Canton Everett Delaware III. (Well, as far as the characters that I have go, anyway.)
  • Green: Rory
  • Black: K-9 Mk 2 – stunner. He gets his stun pretty early, as far as stunners go.
  • Blue: Bitey the Cybermat – every four turns, he can make some pink gems to help you heal. This is crucial. There are other characters that do this, and I’d replace other characters with them if their power-up count is low enough.
  • Perks:
    • Set Basic Attribute 1 and Basic Attribute 2 to either “Increase HP” or “Increase Healing.” Ignored all the other perks on the Perk 1 tab.
    • Debuff Resistance: After playing the level, I set this to either Resist Lock or Resist Stun. I don’t remember if there’s stunning on any of the Toclafane levels.
    • Doctor Enhance: Set to “Doctor’s skill gets 3 charges after taking DMG.” You’ll be taking damage every turn, so this is a fantastic way to power up the Doctor.
    • Death Resist: Set to “Anytime HP under 40%, heal 10% HP for team.” Or you can use the one that gives you 10% damage resistance.
  • Powers:
    • Choose powers with fast turn counts. You want to be able to use them early as you’re trying to defeat the first Toclafane.
    • “Damage all enemies” powers are ok, not bad but not great. You’ll do 1 damage to each enemy. There are better ones, but this isn’t bad.
    • Heals are important. You can choose direct heal, increase to pink gem powers, conversion of gems to pink. All of these will help.
    • Don’t choose turning one color to another color (other than pink): You want to diversify your gems, not make them all the same color.
    • A stun is nice, but they take so long to turn on, don’t use more than one.
  • Once the team and perks were in place, I selected a Toclafane and concentrated on it. I think I finally won while targeting the one on the left, but I haven’t decided if targeting the one in the middle would be better.
  • I kept a close eye on my HP and made sure to heal efficiently. Make sure that you do not overheal: don’t use pink gems you don’t need, in case you need them the next turn.
  • If all of the Toclafane are attacking on the same turn, make sure you’re at full HP. The center one hits very hard.
  • I will admit that my victory in “The Rise of the Master, part 3” took a bit of luck, with a fortuitous set of enemy attack choices and boards with good healing.

And that’s the Toclafane. If I come up with any more ideas on how to fight them, I’ll modify this post. I’ll also do that if I come up with a better way to organize this information – man this post is ugly.  Anyway, they were incredibly fun to fight, because they made me think about this game in a completely different way. I’m looking forward to the next innovative enemy type.



4 responses to “Doctor Who: Legacy – the Toclafane

  1. Woah! I can see how it wouldn’t be easy to fight one of those. Y’know, I’m actually considering going over to facebook just to play this game. Do you think I should? A friend of mine showed me her page and explained that if I choose my friends right I won’t get stuck talking to a bunch of anonymous meanies and I can just block those guys.

    • Well, first, as far as I know, the Facebook version hasn’t been released yet. They are releasing it in beta sometime soon (like, today or tomorrow), but they warn players that when the beta is over, all data will be wiped. So if you want to play the game and keep your progress, wait until the beta period is over.

      As far as Facebook is concerned, it mostly works like that: the only people that will interact with you are those you choose to friend (for real people) or follow (for pages, such as if you follow the official Doctor Who Facebook page). Now, if someone comments on one of your friend’s posts, you’ll be able to see that and reply to it, so there is limited interaction with other people. And of course, Facebook will put in ads sometimes. But in general, your Facebook page has only what you want on it. Also remember that if someone bugs you, there will be a little dropdown menu on the upper right which will have options to block that person.

      • I’ll take your advice. I want to keep that awesome progress and any records I surprise myself by making. Maybe making an account with facebook might not be such a bad idea, with the way you make it sound. 🙂 When I do, I’m definitely gonna follow the Oficial Doctor Who page!

    • Maybe I should clarify. Facebook is *not* Twitter. On Twitter, if you make a post, anyone in the world who cares to look at your account can see it and reply to it. And if they have your account name, they can post something and target it directly at you so that you’re forced to see it on your feed.

      On Facebook, if you make a post, only the people you want can see it, and you can change it for each post. I think be default the settings are “Friends Only”, but you can change it to “Only Me” or “Friends of Friends” or “Public,” and there’s even an option for selecting specific people you want to see your post. Of course, it’s a little difficult to navigate Facebook’s options to get to the default settings, but I’ll help you with that any time you want.

      If a person isn’t a friend of yours, there’s no way for them to create a post that appears on your feed. Well, they could create an ad, but then they’d be paying for no guarantee that you’ll see it, as Facebook decides what ads are shown to whom.

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