Ready, set, run!

This is how I was with my computer today. Including the hair.

This is how I was with my computer today. Including the hair.

Ever had one of those days in which everything is going wrong? Office move today, and a new computer. Wi-fi is spotty, some of the access points aren’t set up yet, my desk isn’t set up yet so I’m sitting in a conference room. Then I try to install a utility and it says it’s going to install other things, too, so I decline, which to them means, “Ok, I won’t install what you wanted, but I’ll still install all those other things.” 1.5 hours later and I’ve finally got all of that adware off the once-pristine computer, after running removal programs and traipsing through the registry. Happily, I’m not the only one who fell into that trap, so I don’t feel like the only doofus in the office. Then it turns out that the wireless network card in the computer is not working. Oh, and we’re not sure where we can park tomorrow.

So, it’s been a full day of hurry up and wait. On days like these, I like to remind myself that things could be so much worse, that other people’s lives are far more hectic than mine. For example:

  1. Martha heads to the hospital in the morning and is accosted by a strange man in the street who takes off his tie at her.
  2. She is then drilled by a contemptuous instructor.
  3. The hospital is transported to the moon.
  4. She spends the day being chased by hostile aliens.
  5. That evening, she goes to a very difficult family party.
  6. She flies off with the Doctor and lands in the middle of Carrionites taking over London.
  7. She gets a not-so-peaceful night’s sleep.
  8. She helps defeat the Carrionites the next evening.
  9. The Doctor tells her, “One trip to the past, one trip to the future.” BANG! She gets kidnapped into a 25-year traffic jam and is nearly eaten by giant crabs.

Of course I was going to make this relevant to Doctor Who in some way. All of that happened within about 48 hours. So, when I’m sitting here smacking my computer around, I think I can put my difficulties in a little perspective.


3 responses to “Ready, set, run!

  1. Those really were a difficult two days!
    How about a Classic version?

    1. You’re on your way to your new job, with your aged Aunt, when your car breaks down.
    2. You go to look for help and find that what you thought was a telephone box was a giant space/time ship.
    3. You’re taken somewhere else without the driver even knowing you’re on board.
    4. Meanwhile, someone has shrunken and killed your Aunt.
    5. The driver finds you’re on board and tries to help you out, along with some other people, but has to work with the man who killed your Aunt.
    6. Then, Aunt Killer betrays Driver and seems to kill him but then some weird guy comes over and you watch him transform next to Strange Kid and Lady Who Thought Aunt Killer Was Her Father.

    • 7. Then the new weird guy is sick and you drag him in a coffin through a jungle to a resort.
      8. Then it turns out the resort is a trap created by Strange Kid being maniputed by Aunt Killer.

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