Eleven at eleven

11 in 11th Hour at 11

11 in 11th Hour at 11

Gotta head out soon today: going to Carl and Sandy’s house to watch “The Eleventh Hour” at eleven. We had a nice geeky discussion over dinner last night. They’re rewatching the Ninth Doctor at the moment so that Carl can catch up there, but we wanted to introduce them to the Eleventh Doctor. Sandy is the type of person who likes to digest shows before moving onto the next one, so she’s really not keen on diving into the Eleventh Doctor right now, but Carl is excited, so she’s been overruled.

Interestingly, the four of us have differing opinions on the companions. Our preferences in order are

  • Me: Donna, Martha, Rose
  • My husband and Sandy: Donna, Rose, Martha
  • Carl: Rose, Martha, Donna

Clearly, we need to recondition Carl. How can he not love Donna? Actually, the problem stems from his hatred of Catherine Tate’s character in The Office, but he’s starting to warm up to her. My husband and Sandy hate Martha because of her fawning love for the Doctor that started in her very first episode; Carl and I simply ignore those scenes and otherwise think she’s great. Carl has only seen a couple of Rose episodes, so his opinion of her might change after he’s seen all of them.

One other interesting thing that Carl said was that he didn’t like “Midnight” because the final part of it, when Sky pretended to be free of the Midnight Entity and started urging the humans to kill the Doctor, was unbelievable. To him, she was so different from the way she had been before the attack, the humans should have immediately realized that she was still possessed. The rest of us thought that the point of the show was that the humans were so panicked that they couldn’t recognize that she was acting strangely, and so the fact that they didn’t made the episode even more powerful.

Anyway, gotta get going. It is so much fun getting to talk about the show with friends.

15 responses to “Eleven at eleven

  1. For Nine’s/Ten’s era, here’s my top three, without any real, particular order: Martha, Donna and Jack. 😉 He’s just such a bold, charming, shameless flirt. (May he always stay that way and keep that strong spirit.)

    I’m meeting with Felicia tomorrow at one of the shopping malls around here, so I’m going to get to discuss Doctor Who with her soon. Last I heard, she was still on the first series.

    Yeah, I figured the guys in “Midnight” were panicking too.

  2. First of all, I have to say that Midnight really freaks me out. But it reminds me of that episode from The Twilight Zone where the entire neighborhood turns on each other trying to determine who the alien is, while the aliens are in their ship basically laughing maniacally at human nature.

    My favorite Companions: Rose, Captain Jack, Donna. But I have to say, the order changes frequently. I like Martha, but I feel like it’s hard to get to know her when it feels like she’s Rose’s replacement. Rewatching, I like her much better than the first time through.

    Enjoy the Eleventh Hour! I just watched it last week.

    • Midnight is very freaky! The first time I watched it, I was gripping the chair so hard my hands were sore at the end. And I still do that when I rewatch it! I think it’s the best DW episode ever.

      I really do like Captain Jack – I always forget him when I’m listing companions because he wasn’t a permanent companion like the others. I still need to watch Torchwood.

      We ended up watching The Beast Below and Victory of the Daleks, in addition The Eleventh Hour, and my friends loved Eleven. I think The Eleventh Hour is a fantastic episode; the other two are kind of middling.

      • ::repeats after chorenn:: “Midnight is very freaky! The first time I watched it, I was gripping the chair so hard my hands were sore at the end. And I still do that when I rewatch it! I think it’s the best DW episode ever.”

        The first two seasons of Torchwood are excellent, even with season two’s ending. That being said, there are some characters I’d have liked brought back for good.
        Children of Earth was dark but I saw it to see what happened. That memorial down by the bay is still there for another character I wish had been able to survive. There’s a lot of death in the show in general.
        I have yet to see Miracle Day bit I heard it wasn’t that great. They keep meaning to revive Torchwood but the creators get so busy with their projects.

        Yeah, I like some of his other episodes better. Eleventh Hour *was* a good intro episode, though.

      • Yeah, “Captain John Hart” was an interesting character. He was like Jack but taken to extremes and with more of a mercenary outlook. I suppose you could call him Chaotic Neutral, since he isn’t exactly evil but he’s not usually out to do anyone any favors he can’t get something out of and he’s not that nice a guy. He’s bit of a hedonist, too.

      • Just looked Captain John Hart up. He is worse than I thought he was. I guess I was just remembering that one episode (or was it a two-part ep) where he wasn’t as bad in comparison to that one guy who was ac-[Hush now, Spoilers.] so he was out for revenge and wanted [Spoilers, Sweetie.] so he and Hart went to [Spoilers. ;)] and in the end [Did we do Demon’s Run? Picnic at Asgard?]. Anyway, what happened to that guy to make him do that was [Oh, Sweetie…].

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