I just want another year of Donna

"I'm going ten-pin bowling. What do you think, dumbo?"

“I’m going ten-pin bowling. What do you think, dumbo?”

While I do housework, I usually have an episode of Doctor Who running on my iPad, and today’s was “The Runaway Bride.” I think I say this at least once a day, but man, we really needed another year of Donna. (It’s a running joke in our house that we curse David Tennant for leaving the show, not because we wanted more series with him, but because if he had stayed, then Donna probably have stayed, too [ok, yes, we did want more series of him, too].)

After a series of the Doctor and Rose gallivanting around the universe being lovey-dovey and exhibiting no character growth, and then a series in which Martha, for all that she was a strong companion, didn’t effect any growth in the Doctor at all, Donna came along and started to heal him. The thing is, it started as early as “The Runaway Bride.” Donna is pulled into the TARDIS the moment the Doctor’s contact with Rose is broken, and less than twenty minutes later, Donna on the rooftop is able to connect with him enough that he starts to talk a little about Rose and her family. At the end of the episode, the always-brash Donna tells him exactly what he needs to hear: that his life is too crazy for normal humans to share in it without a lot of personal danger, that he needs someone by his side to reign in his darker impulses, and that it’s okay to think about his good memories with Rose. He still has a long way to go, but she starts him on the road to recovery.

So, if anyone out there is listening, please move me to the alternate universe in which everything is the same except we have another year of the Tenth Doctor and Donna in the TARDIS. Pretty please?