Being a bit lazy

Busy week, then bad day today. So, here are more images. Back tomorrow. Enjoy!

The Third Doctor and Sarah Jane!



I had no idea I had this awesome pic of the Fifth Doctor and the Master! I need to organize my images folder.



This one takes a bit of explanation. I play a very obscure game on Facebook called PackRat, in which you collect themed sets of cards (drawn images). For Valentine’s Day this year, they did a set called Supercouples, in which the cards were pictures of twelve of the most famous and devoted couples in history and fiction. The card below is called Rormy.



First and last lines.


4 responses to “Being a bit lazy

  1. Y’ know, someone should make first and last lines of companions. I’ll start.

    First: “Crude, heavy and inefficient.”

    Last: “Thank you for everything, Doctor. Look after him, won’t you? He gets into the most terrible trouble.”

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