My girls meet Peter Capaldi ( little Dalek )

This is just beautiful. If you haven’t heard about this elsewhere (the story is going viral), the little girl loved Matt Smith and played that she and the Doctor would go on adventures, and was afraid that Peter Capaldi wouldn’t like her and wouldn’t be her friend. Mr. Capaldi took time out to meet with her. He showed her a picture of himself, Mr. Smith, and Ms. Coleman, and said that they were ok with him being the Doctor, and he hoped she (the little girl) would be ok with it, too.

It’s so wonderful to see them – the whole Doctor Who team – taking time to meet with and help their fans, especially the children.



Peter capaldi and Jenna Coleman talking to myself and my two daughters. My youngest has autism and when matt smith said he was leaving she was worried, because she goes on adventures with doctor who and Clara and she was worried that the new doctor ( Peter ) would not like her and wouldn’t want to join in her games.

So on our holiday to Cardiff we fell onto pot luck. We had gone for our lunch at eddies diner and came out to find that doctor who was being filmed. We had a chat with the crew and Jenna and Samuel had photos done with the girls. We were told Peter was not coming down for filming. After telling the crew about roxi and her games with dr who ( Matt ) and the worry she has about Peter. We were told to come back the next day.


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