Still busy

The Master (Delgado)

The Master (Delgado)

The problem with being busy is that I  have so much Doctor Who to watch and no time to do it in. Right now, we’re trying to rewatch the Eleventh Doctor’s seasons and wanting to hang out with our friends watching series 4, while also having a Netflix copy of “Horror of Fang Rock” waiting to be watched these past three weeks. I also want to watch “Remembrance of the Daleks,” and I just received this month’s purchase of DVDs (buying 2-3 a month to build our collection), which features the Master this time (two Roger Delgado episodes and one Anthony Ainley). But we’re busy every night until Friday, and who knows what’s going to come up on the weekend?

On the other hand, this is one of the thing’s that so cool about Doctor Who: there’s so much to see! We’ve been enjoying other shows, like Grimm and Castle, but they only have a few seasons to watch and they’re done. I am quite sure that it’s going to take us a good two years (total) to see every single Doctor Who episode available.

Anyway, tomorrow, if I have the time, I’ll post some thoughts on “The Talons of Weng-Chiang.” If not, well, more random ramblings for a bit.


3 responses to “Still busy

  1. Oh, I love that one! “Weng-chiang” was awesome! All those Sherlock Holmes references! And Jago and Litefoot who got their own spinoff somehow somewhere that I vaguely heard of. Leela eating a giant piece of meat while wearing a pretty dress and then kicking criminal butt! The Fourth Doctor speaking a Chinese dialect, wearing a deerstalker and inverness cloak, and then messing with a stage magician!
    And, and the main villain that shows up in an audio earlier in his timeline with Five, Nyssa, Turlough and Tegan!

    • I really liked Jago and Lightfoot! The guest characters in some of these episodes are really interesting, and in some cases make the show more than the Doctor himself.

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