New content soon for Doctor Who: Legacy

Yes, I still play this game. I think it’s absolutely a marvelous game. This weekend, the levels in the Fan Area are awarding 150% experience, and next week, they’re releasing a big content release, with the wrap-up of Season 6 and the addition of Captain Jack Harkness to the companion list. In March, they will be releasing:

  • Season 5, with new enemies with new abilities
  • New allies and Doctors, of course
  • Support for colorblind players
  • Other UI support, like sorting for characters and more team slots.

Why do I like this game so much? Well, first, if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that I used to be a huge computer game fanatic, playing computer games all the time, until I got hooked on Doctor Who, at which point I lost my interest in computer games and spend most of my time doing things like writing, music, and crafts that are usually related to the show. I’ve tried to pick up games that I used to play (in specific, Civilization V), but haven’t really been pulled back into them – they take up so much time that I’d rather be spending doing other things. But I do still love games, and DW:L is a fine distraction game. Individual levels last 5-10 minutes, so it’s a great game to carry around on my iPad (which I carry around anyway) and play for relaxation or when I’m waiting for something.

But beyond that, the game is very well-crafted, and they kept the fan in mind. They took an already-proven gameplay mechanic (the one used in the hugely successful Puzzles and Dragons), removed the extremely complicated leveling system, added more strategy, and integrated it tightly into the Doctor Who mythos. They chose a puzzle game, so there isn’t overt violence, which keeps the game in line with the show’s overall philosophy. For the fans, they added a lot of characters to collect (6 Doctors and over 50 companions so far), and made it so that you can get all of them for free – you just have to play a lot. If you want to support the game by paying money, you can buy the characters, but you don’t have to. There is one area of the game that you can’t get into without paying, the Fan Area, but it only costs a couple of dollars and isn’t required to enjoy the game.

The team makes sure there’s always something new for the players every week: usually a new companion, but sometimes an extra experience event and occasionally a new Doctor. And they keep the fans informed, telling us what’s coming up and when, and even letting us know if there are major bugs and when we can expect them to be fixed (this has happened twice, I believe). They’ve also intimated that while the original plan was to work backwards through the seasons, starting from the modern show’s Series 7, they’ve come up with a plan to introduce content from the classic show earlier, since the original plan would take them over a year to get through just modern show’s seven series.

Basically, this is a fun game at its most basic, with plenty to appeal to fans of the show and lots of support from the team. I doubt a non-fan would find this game fun, since part of the appeal is collecting the familiar characters, but then if you’re reading this, you’re probably a fan. I think this game is good enough that I will repeatedly advertise it on my blog. I’ve bought in-game currency, first to open the Fan Area and then later simply to support the game. It’s worth it. Check it out.

Doctor Who: Legacy is currently available on iOS and Android, and will be released to the Amazon app store for the Kindle next week. It is also supposedly coming out on Facebook next month (not sure if it will share databases with the other versions).