Eye candy

No, not that kind of eye candy. I don’t have a chance to really write anything today, so here are a few images from my “cool Doctor Who images” folder. Enjoy!

A cool photoshop of the modern female companions (except Clara and the one-shots Astrid, Adelaide, and Rosita) . Amy wasn’t added well, but it’s still cool.




A message that appeared on the London Underground on the 50th anniversary.


Cool art. Attribution is in the image.


I just love this little clip. I think I really love it when the Doctor is taken over and loses control – probably the most terrifying thing to ever see. Which is why I love “42” and “Midnight.”


10 responses to “Eye candy

  1. When I first saw the title of this article, I immediately thought you had written an article on Ianto Jones! LOL! Nice pics, though.
    (Also, did you two up there see not only Nicola Bryant but Mark Strickson as well during the beginning of “Planet of Fire”? They were wearing swimsuits!)

      • Yeah, I’ve seen this clip. So much eye candy! 🙂 Haven’t seen the whole episode yet. It’s one of those that’s difficult to get in the U.S. – $60 or so on Amazon. I’m going to Britain this year and buy this and a bunch of others on Region 2 DVDs for like 10-15 quid a pop.

      • LUCKY! I want to go to Britain! I want to see the Sherlock Holmes things in London and go to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff! I want to see a “panto” and have a “cream tea” and watch the tourists try to make the palace guards flinch! Oh, and maybe go on the London Eye! It is my dream to someday save enough for that. 🙂

      • It’s our first trip abroad ever, for both me and my friend who’s coming with me. We are going to Cardiff (DW Experience!!) first and hang out in Wales for a few days, then head to Avebury/Chawton House/Bath, then spend about 5 days in London. We want to see castles and manor houses and cathedrals, and stay in a little village at an inn, see Westminster Abbey and the art museums, and attend the symphony (London Symphony Orchestra or BBC National Orchestra) and a Shakespeare play at the Globe. 🙂

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