The Doctor with friends

There she is! Can you see her?

There she is! Can you see her?

My best friend and her husband have finally gotten into Doctor Who. She started watching it at my insistence, one episode every so often, and her husband would catch a couple of scenes here and there. Then she hit series 3, and he got completely hooked. Last night, I went over to their house so that I could watch my favorite episode, “Human Nature” / “Family of Blood,” with them as they saw it for the very first time.

It was a wonderful experience. I, of course, know the story backward and forwards, but it’s been a very long time since I saw it for the first time, and it’s difficult to reacquire that first-time wonder.  I got to re-experience some of that through my friends. Here are some of the cool things that happened (using the completely fictional names Sandy and Carl for my friends).

  • During the opening scenes, the Doctor and Martha flee the Family and the Doctor says, “I’ve got to do it,” then John Smith wakes up from his dream. Carl remarked, “Oh, so the Doctor does sleep!” A few moments later, Martha the maid entered the room, and both my friends went, “Uh…?”
  • When John rearranges the scarecrow and Joan asks where he learned to draw, he reflexively answers, “Gallifrey.” Carl gasped, “Oh!”
  • Sandy almost cheered when the Doctor revealed himself in the spaceship.
  • When the Doctor meted out his punishments, Carl muttered, “Oh. My. God.”

I had been telling them it was my favorite episode for a week now (without telling them anything about it), so I was very much afraid they’d find it to be nowhere near as wonderful as I do. Luckily, they loved it, and Sandy said she felt it needed to be watched a few times so that she could catch all of its complexities. Sandy and I then watched “Blink” (Carl had to go to sleep), which she also loved because of its thrill factor, though she felt that HN/FoB was better. I am very excited for them to hit series four, which is the one I feel is the best of the modern show.

That was such a great experience that I’m hoping to do that again with them with other important episodes, such as “Silence in the Library” / “Forest of the Dead,” “Midnight,” The End of Time, and “Vincent and the Doctor.” And, of course, “The Day of the Doctor.”

8 responses to “The Doctor with friends

  1. I have tried everything to get my friends into Who, Sherlock, Dracula and some other great shows, but to no avail. You’re lucky your friends were so open to something new as my friends aren’t. Sometimes, I feel the need to find new friends to have things in common with, but not discard the old ones.

    • I kind of find that for every 10 people I suggest Doctor Who to, 2 actually try it and 1 likes it a lot. On the other hand, I don’t watch everything my friends suggest, so I guess it goes both ways! Though, I’m more likely to try something a friend suggests if that person gave DW a chance.

      • So, other than DW, (which I’m already a big fan of) what can you suggest to me? Almost all the shows I watch haven’t released the new seasons yet so I need something good to bide the time.

    • Well, the thing we’ve gotten into recently is Grimm, which is a crime show about a detective who has the ability to see people who can turn into monsters. The first season is rather straightforward (each episode is a “solve the murder, which turns out to be one of the monsters” story), but the second season really takes off. The main character is a bit vanilla but he’s a great paladin, and some of the other characters are awesome (I love Monroe).

      You’ve probably already seen most of the other things we’ve seen (Sherlock, Game of Thrones, for example). I would *not* recommend Agents of SHIELD. My friends have recommended Arrow, Merlin, and Supernatural. It’s hard for us to find time to watch them, though, as we’re trying to rewatch all of the Eleventh Doctor and watch as many classic episodes as we can.

  2. I know the feeling of getting my friends into Doctor Who. I’ve probably watched Blink close now to 30 times because of it and it never gets old. But to see an episode for the first time like that. It’s special. And it’s such a great feeling sharing something like DW with those you care for.

    • I am so excited for them to get into the Donna episodes, and I’ve already told them they can’t watch Midnight without me. 🙂

      • Midnight is completely brilliant. It was companion-lite, but one of the most psychologically thrilling episodes the show’s ever had. Curious to hear their thoughts as a first timer!

      • Sure! When they get to that, I’ll post about it. It’ll be a while, though – they only have time to watch an episode a night at most, and they’re still in series 3.

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