Valentine’s day

I’d say something about Valentine’s Day being no fun when you’re sick, but then I really have never celebrated Valentine’s Day, so being sick would really just be ruining a normal day for me. It’s not that I hate the holiday or anything; it’s just never been that important. So, here I am rambling again. Blame the cold meds.

I’ve seen a lot of criticism on the Internet of the Tenth Doctor and his romantic ways. Beyond the whole Rose storyline, it’s been said that he gets involved with too many women. I was thinking about that the other day, and while a lot of women fall for him, he really doesn’t show that much emotion for any of them. ¬†From the audience’s viewpoint, he obviously falls for Reinette, but he doesn’t show it to her. Martha, of course, doesn’t get any reciprocation from him. Astrid falls for him, but it’s unclear if he loves her back. If you look at all of the kisses the Tenth Doctor has had, only one of them was initiated by him and it was a genetic transfer (Martha). The rest were all initiated by other characters (Cassandra/Rose, Reinette, Astrid, Donna, Lady Christina, and I think a couple of others that I can’t remember). The only kiss that he initiated was to astral Astrid, and I’m not sure that counts. (You might also count the Meta-Crisis Doctor kissing Rose, but I don’t – the MCTD is a different person, and being human, he is willing to demonstrate his love for Rose.) The Tenth Doctor seems less a romantic person than a character that has romance forced on him.

Ok, back to the haze of the cold meds. Have a great Valentine’s Day, everyone!