I come from the land of ice and snow (at least for the last couple of days)

Not us. Not even close.

Not us. Not even close.

Just got back from staying overnight in a hotel because the falling branches from icy trees knocked out the power at our house (and all over our town). The weather went from snow to freezing rain to snow to freezing rain again, leaving a lot of ice coating everything. Driving in and out of our subdivision was very slippy-slidey. However, probably the most irritating thing was that the hotel’s ISP also lost power for the entire time we were there, so no Internet for us for about 18 hours. If that’s the most irritating thing, then I think we got pretty lucky. I think they call this “first world problems.”

So what does a person do without Internet. Well, knit, for one thing, until I got to a stitch in the pattern that I didn’t know and, oops, no Internet to go look it up. Then I thought maybe I could work on some writing, but, no, all the documents are on Google docs. You never quite realize how much you depend on connectivity until it’s gone. I contented myself with playing Doctor Who: Legacy (doesn’t require a connection to play), some reading, and watching “The Day of the Doctor.” I’m pretty good at turning any situation into a Doctor Who situation. (The fridge in the room wasn’t cold, and it was too dark to see the thermostat control, so I used my sonic screwdriver to light it up. Really. Worked perfectly.)

I really don’t have much else to say. I hope that if you’re experiencing inclement weather that you’re able to stay inside, nice and safe.