Ignoring the twelfth

Peter Capaldi and Jenna-Louise Jameson

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman

Much of my news feed is taken up nowadays with news about the Twelfth Doctor. I’ve seen articles about what the first episode is going to bring, what hints the showrunners have dropped about the Doctor’s personality, and how Clara is going to deal with this new, markedly different Doctor. I’ve unconsciously decided to ignore all of this stuff; anything that mentions the Twelfth Doctor and the upcoming season, I just skip over and move on.

I’ve written before about how much knowing about a show beforehand can affect your enjoyment of the show and the writers’ expectations of how much of a surprise they can spring on you. The showrunners try to keep things from the audience when they can; obviously, there is no way they can keep the news of the Doctor changing from the media, but they can hide important characters and important plot points. For example, though I haven’t gone back to check, I am pretty sure that when “Utopia” aired, Derek Jacobi was listed in the¬†Radio Times as playing Professor Yana and not the Master. When I watched that episode, I had already been spoiled that Mr. Jacobi was playing the Master, while my husband had no idea, and we had markedly different reactions to the reveal: he was floored and excited that the Master had returned, while I was simply happy, that the Master returned and that my husband got to experience that surge of emotion. I missed out on a huge plot twist, something rare and wonderful and can’t be experienced again.

Thus, I’m trying my best to avoid spoilers of the new season, even just discussions of the characters. Headlines tend to reveal more than I want, and of course, image spoilers are impossible to avoid. I’m just hoping to minimize it all. I watched through all seven seasons of the modern show with minimal spoilers, mostly knowing only when the Doctors were changing – I didn’t even know when the companions were changing – and that’s really the experience I want. I am so looking forward to the new Doctor, and want to travel along with him without any foreknowledge. Only six months to go! (Sigh!)