Daydreaming Doctor

I normally don’t wear t-shirts. I’m not one for fashion (I am completely incapable of telling if styles and colors match), but my normal wardrobe consists of cotton blouses and sweaters. Since becoming a Doctor Who fan, I’ve been watching those sites that offer t-shirt designs for a day for cool fan t-shirts (one good summary site for this is I’ve amassed a small pile of t-shirts so far, which I don’t wear all that often, but I do love them. They’re one way to express my love of the show, and it’s fun to have someone come up and say, “Cool t-shirt! I love that show!”

Last week, my husband casually mentioned that there was a shirt I’d probably like on RiptApparel, so I went there and my jaw dropped to the floor. The title of the artwork is “Daydreaming Doctor,” based on Norman Rockwell’s painting “Daydreaming Bookkeeper.” Rather than showing the Doctor, it depicts John Smith, sitting at his desk and dreaming about adventures in time and space, surrounded by artifacts from his life and drawings from his Journal of Impossible Things, and framed by a panorama of planets and the TARDIS. Perhaps because it’s about my favorite episode of all, this print grabbed me immediately, and I ordered it as a t-shirt and a poster. It’s gorgeously executed, faithful to the original inspiration, and captures the episode so well.

I received both items yesterday, and I was very pleased with them. The poster is printed on heavy stock, and is faithful to the image. The t-shirt is good quality, but the image is a bit darker than it should be (John Smith’s has a much darker five o’clock shadow, and his hand and watch are dark enough that you can’t really see the watch well). It’s very sad that you can’t order them from RiptApparel anymore (designs only last for a day), but a lot of these artworks appear on more than one site, so if you like this one as much as I do, I’d say keep an eye out for it on or for the next month or so.

Daydreaming Doctor, by BadEye

Daydreaming Doctor, by BadEye

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