A brief look back on five months

The history of the Doctor, Bayeux Tapestry-style, from mudron.tumblr.com

The history of the Doctor, Bayeux Tapestry-style, from mudron.tumblr.com

Sometime around today marks the five-month anniversary of me starting to watch Doctor Who, as best as I can calculate it. I found one of my Facebook posts that mentioned enjoying watching Christopher Eccleston around the second of September, so I must have started in late August. The show has been my life for the last five months, and it’s been wonderful.

Now, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would say that such an obsession is not healthy, that to be constantly thinking about a TV show is kind of going over the edge, but I have to disagree. Of course I’m going to defend my own obsession with the show, but I do have reason. Yes, I spend a lot more time in front of the TV now, watching classic episodes and rewatching reboot episodes, probably an average of an hour a day; before this, I never watched TV except for the occasional movie, maybe once or twice a week. My entertainment of choice was computer games, which took up all my free time. Since I became addicted to Doctor Who, I’ve largely abandoned computer games and taken up other activities that are mostly associated with the show: writing this blog, creating cosplay costumes, writing fan fiction, learning music theory and arrangement with the purpose of arranging Doctor Who music for concert band, reading and listening to Doctor Who novels and audio plays. And even when I’m not doing related activities, I’m still being more creative than I ever was – knitting and crocheting is the current choice. The bottom line is that while my life is currently centered around one particular show, I think it has changed for the better.

In a way, I feel kind of silly with my obsession, having purchased about ten themed t-shirts now even though I don’t normally wear t-shirts, setting my computer desktop to cycle through tons of pictures, keeping up with the con news so that we can go to a con that will feature the Doctors we love, wearing a blue scarf simply because it’s blue. On the other hand, why not express your love? If something really captures your heart, why is it considered silly or foolish to display that? Sure, the Doctor is a fictional character, but that doesn’t mean he can’t mean something very real to you – an ideal you want to strive for, or a symbol for all of the heroes in this world, for example. Fictional characters have captured our imaginations ever since stories were invented. Just because your hero travels in a police call box doesn’t mean he’s any less worthy or that you should be ashamed to admit it.

So, I’d like to say right now, I’m a Doctor Who fan (I still don’t like the term “Whovian” for some reason) and I’m proud of it. Thanks very much for reading this blog and sharing my love for the show. Here’s to the next five months (which, I might point out, doesn’t get us to the new season, sadly) and beyond of obsessing about the wonderful Doctor and his brilliant companions!