The Tenth Doctor, Time Lord

While researching the costumes of the Time Lords last night, I came across this image and I had to share it. It’s genuine and not Photoshopped. Apparently, at some point during his tenure on Doctor Who, Mr. Tennant, the ultimate fanboy, expressed some desire to try on the garb of the Time Lords, and so the production team got one of the classic costumes for him, and this picture was the result. You can see his normal costume under the Time Lord collar thing. This is possibly the most awesome Doctor Who image of Mr. Tennant that I’ve ever seen.



3 responses to “The Tenth Doctor, Time Lord

  1. Oh boy! That shot. Is a keeper. I think it was taken when they took out the old Time Lord outfits for a revamp to film the End of Time. Of course Ten(nant) couldn’t keep his hands off any of his ancestral costumes. 😉

    • It’s just brilliant that they appeased the fanboy in him! I hope that they do the same for Mr. Capaldi, as he is also a huge fan of the show.

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