In the company of a mad man

Doctor Who: Legacy released the character Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All today. You can get him by playing the level “Infestation,” which is in the Fan Area. He’ll be available for 30 days. Yes, you can’t get into the Fan Area without buying some Time Crystals for real money, but it’s really good deal: for a few dollars (not sure how much, but I think it’s $5), you get Time Crystals plus extra content, including a number of characters that you can’t get otherwise. If you’re enjoying the game and want to see it continue to put out top-quality content, I recommend supporting them by buying some Time Crystals.

The Legacy team holds contests every time they release a new character, awarding a few players early or instant access to the new content. Stormageddon’s contest asked players to name a character that they thought would be a great companion. My usual answer to that specific question would be Jackson Lake, because he got along so well with the Doctor and because he was courageous and resourceful. I think, like the Tenth/Eleventh Doctor relationship in “The Day of the Doctor,” Jackson Lake would be a great brother to the Doctor. However, in thinking about it more, I think the more interesting question is what kind of dynamic would you like to see in the TARDIS crew.

Sarah Jane and Jenny really aren't what I'm talking about here, but gorgeous pic.

Sarah Jane and Jenny really aren’t what I’m talking about here, but gorgeous pic.

Over the Ninth and Tenth Doctor’s seasons, we saw a Doctor/companion romance, a companion in love with the Doctor without reciprocation, and a Doctor with a best friend. During the Eleventh Doctor’s tenure, he had a best friend with a husband and then another best friend. In all cases, though, the companion was female and for most of the time, there was only one companion (yes, Rory is a companion, but he was for most of the time the tin dog). There were times when the Doctor had male companions and more than one companion, but that was few and far between. During times of multiple companions, they all pretty much got along well.

I’d like to see more variety here, because there are a lot of other types of relationships that can be explored. First, I’d like to see a male primary companion, which, I suppose is something that hasn’t been done since the 60s. I’d like to also see the “entourage” that the Doctor likes to travel with, that Sarah Jane mentions in “School Reunion.” We haven’t seen a full TARDIS since the Fifth Doctor traveled with Nyssa, Tegan, and Turlough, and once Peri arrived, more than one companion was rare. If three companions are too many for the modern show to work with comfortably, then two companions who are equal in status and aren’t joined at the hip would be nice. It’d be great to see a bit more of the Tegan/Turlough dynamic, where each companion has a distinct (and not necessarily pleasant) personality and sometimes clash with each other.

I suppose I’d also like a bit more change-up in companions. It’s probably too much to ask to have companions change in the middle of story arcs instead of always at the end of them (what with actor contracts and all that), but maybe introducing companions that stick around for a few episodes and leave would be nice. It probably isn’t very feasible, from a production point of view. Or a writing point of view, either, having to write in new characters and develop them, then yank them away a few episodes later.

It seems, from all the clues that we’ve been getting so far, that the dynamic in the TARDIS is going to be very different this coming season, at least for the first few episodes, as the Twelfth Doctor comes into his own. It’s been hinted that he’s not going to be a friendly Doctor, and it sounds like Clara is going to have a bit of difficulty with him.  I think a bit of friction in the TARDIS will be a good thing, and we’ll see where it goes from there.