Blu-rays, DVDs, sonic screwdrivers, and jelly babies

Blu-rays, DVDs, sonic screwdrivers, and jelly babies

Here’s a pic of the shelf I’ve cleared off for my Doctor Who collection, featuring our blu-rays and DVDs and a few displayables. Things like t-shirts won’t be stored here, but I have a bunch of figures and things that I’m sure, over time, will eventually take over the entire bookshelf. But first, I have to clear away all the other stuff: Pokemon figs, Star Trek trading cards, other toys. We are both horrible packrats and have way too much stuff.

We are also incredibly messy. We have a lot of movies and TV shows on DVD/blu-ray, and they’re all stacked up next to the TV, left on a pile after we watch them (in their cases, at least, no loose discs). My husband makes fun of me because when I watch Doctor Who, I place the discs back on the shelf here – I’m taking no chances with losing them or having the cases mangled in a pile. They are my preciousss.

By the way, the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors’ screwdrivers are the remote control replicas, so you can see how good they look. The Tenth Doctor’s screwdriver usually sits on my desk, so I can play with it all the time, but I wanted it in this pic. The Fourth Doctor screwdriver is the one from Character Options; we have a second copy of it for my husband to play with.

Hm. I should add my half-moon brainy specs and replica celery. I need to start cleaning off those other shelves…


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