More ramblings

A bit of stream-of-consciousness rambling today.

My husband and I bought some “The Day of the Doctor”  t-shirts off of one of those “a shirt a day” sites. Not sure which one, and I can’t find the design anymore, so I can’t link it. Basically, the shirt shows thirteen TARDISes flying around Gallifrey, and then at the bottom, the silhouettes of Sandshoes, Granddad, and Chinny. (That’s a lot easier to type than the Tenth Doctor, etc.) We each got one copy of the shirt, and my husband insisted that we wear them to work today (we both work at the same company). They’re awesome shirts, but I feel like those tourist couples in Hawaii that wear matching aloha shirts. Tacky.

I read a blog post a couple of days ago that had the premise of “how boring and horrible the world would be if we didn’t have Doctor Who.” It went along the lines of, if the show had been cancelled back in 1963, we wouldn’t know the Doctor and everything would be so much more boring, etc.  And I thought, “Hm, the Doctor Who universe is a world without Doctor Who.” I mean really, if that universe had a TV show which showed, word-for-word, the adventures of the Doctor, I’m sure the Doctor would know about it. So there’s a world without Doctor Who that is far from boring. (That was a pretty silly paragraph.)

On the other hand, maybe it does have Doctor Who. There’s one Seventh Doctor episode in which Ace walks through a house in 1963 England. As she’s passing through the living room, a clock shows it’s 5:16, and the TV starts showing a “new BBC drama.” The scene switches before the opening sequence of the show displays its name, but it looks like Doctor Who.

We are re-watching the Ninth Doctor at the moment, and Christopher Eccleston’s performance is a breath of fresh air. He is suitably alien without being goofy, and since his story is about his anger from the Time War and his redemption through Rose, he got the opportunity to play all of the extremes of the character. Every time I watch his shows, it makes me very sad that he didn’t do more.

We seem to have temporarily abandoned our progress through the classic series; the “Genesis of the Daleks” disc has sat alone for two weeks now. I think one of the problems is that this is the first of a two-disc set from Netflix and we’re reluctant to start the series only to have to wait for the second disk to arrive. Hopefully we’ll get it watched on New Year’s Day and mail the disc back soon.