This and that

I was planning to write another post about “The Time of the Doctor” today, but I’m just not feeling inspired. Maybe it’s because I’m more in a music mood than a word mood today. Maybe it’s because I’m at work and about 75% of the office is on vacation and the rest of us are all kind of sitting around wishing we weren’t here. My boss and I spent the first hour of the morning just chatting about stuff. It’s that kind of a day.

My husband and I were watching “Utopia” last night. Now he wants a Hermits United t-shirt that says, “Meeting up every ten years to trade stories about caves.” The ones we found on the web are not adequate. I wish I had any artistic talent so that I could make it myself.

Sent a Doctor Who thing to the printer today, and it reminded me of a co-worker’s Facebook status earlier this year, when I was printing out reference pics for my Fourth and Fifth Doctor costumes:

Sadly, I didn’t have a pic of the Sixth Doctor ready to send to the printer.

It’s interesting what things will stick in your mind. We’ve watched “The Day of the Doctor” at least ten times now, and of course, being fans, we pick up on the classic lines and use them in casual conversations, or just blurt them out randomly. (“They’re not sandshoes!” “Yes, they are!”) That’s pretty much natural for people with brains as sticky as ours. For some reason, the one that’s taken over my mind the most is, “Is something funny? Did I miss a funny thing?” I get at least two opportunities to say it every day, and it never fails to make me giggle. And I’m not even sure why.

Ok, that’s enough stream-of-consciousness for now. Back to pretending to work.