Holiday traditions

I’ve just instituted a new holiday tradition here in our house: each day before Christmas, we’re going to watch one of the existent Doctor Who Christmas special. Order doesn’t matter, just that we do so. We watched “A Christmas Carol” yesterday, and we watched “The Runaway Bride” today. Tomorrow will be “The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe,” and Tuesday will probably be “The Next Doctor.” Unfortunately, I started this too late to get to “The Christmas Invasion,” so either we’ll skip it or double up today. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who do this, but boy do we feel inventive! (roll eyes)

Actually, this started yesterday with me wanted to refresh my memory of “A Christmas Carol” for other reasons and my husband complaining that I was watching Doctor Who without him. It then occurred to me that it was a Christmas special (sometimes I’m really slow) and that it would be cool to watch all of them during the holidays. The day then devolved into watching all kinds of Doctor Who stuff. We hadn’t watched the special extra disc that came with the huge blu-ray gift set, so I did that. A lot of that wasn’t worth the first viewing (it’s amazing how many people they’ll get to talk on these retrospective shows that don’t have a thing worth saying), but the 2010 Proms was worth it. Of course, I love orchestral music, so I’m biased, but I made it clear that the next time there’s a Doctor Who Proms, I’m going to it.

The Doctor, Donna, and Agatha Christie

The Doctor, Donna, and Agatha Christie

We then spent the evening watching series 4 episodes, which reinforced our love of Donna Noble, who’s in my opinion the best companion in the reboot show (possibly in the entire show; jury’s out on that until I’ve seen all of it). It’s really sad that she only got one season’s worth of shows, because she really shone. Series 4 especially was all about the Doctor needing someone to keep him grounded, and Donna was the best at it.  She was loyal and devoted, but she didn’t take crap from him and always made sure to point out the other side of the situation when he wasn’t seeing it. She was also clever, contributing from a pragmatic view of the world (for example, spotting that the ATMOS factory had no sick days in its workforce), something that none of the modern companions have ever been able to do. In my opinion, the Doctor may have lost his lover in Rose, but he lost his family in Donna.

Today, I believe we’re watching “Turn Left,” and then jumping over to the Eleventh Doctor to get back into the whole Impossible Astronaut storyline. I still don’t understand that whole thing too well, and it’s time I fixed that.