Somewhere else, the tea is getting cold

The trailer for “The Time of the Doctor” has just been released. It’s very short and doesn’t tell you anything, but whets your appetite for the upcoming Christmas special – which is exactly what trailers should do. I actually avoid most movie trailers because they tend to show you all the best parts of the movie and often show you the entire plot. What’s the point of seeing the movie if you already know what’s going to happen? On the other hand, I’ll watch the trailer for any Avengers universe movie. Yes, there are a few things other than Doctor Who which will command my attention.

I’m a little disappointed with the poem in the voiceover, done by Jenna-Louise Coleman. The words are

“And now it’s time for one last bow,

like all your other selves.

Eleven’s hour is over now.

The clock is striking twelve’s.”

The numbers in the poem are clearly meant to refer to Matt Smiths’ incarnation and Peter Capaldi’s incarnations, but with Clara doing the narration, she’s referring to them by their numbers, which is never done in the show – the Doctor doesn’t think of himself as “Eleven,” even though we in the fan base call him that because it’s the easiest way to refer to a specific incarnation. The Doctor of course knows which number incarnation he’s in, but he doesn’t think of himself as that number (I suppose much like the last member of a triplet doesn’t think of himself as “Three”). I’d prefer they keep the universe and the fanverse separate, but that’s probably the extremely pedantic me talking.

I received the 50th anniversary blu-ray in the mail on the 9th, one day before the actual release date. Gotta love Amazon pre-orders! The edition itself is unimpressive: it has the episode, “The Last Day” and “The Night of the Doctor” mini-sodes, the trailers, and a couple of behind-the-scenes special features. It does not have any of the “The Doctors Revisited” episodes that are included in the 50th anniversary package that’s available for streaming on Amazon. And the most disappointing part is that it doesn’t have “The Five(-ish) Doctors Reboot,” which, if you’ve read older posts, you know that I absolutely love and want a hard copy of. I am hoping that sometime in the future there will be a more extensive release of the 50th anniversary content, and if it’s substantial, I will buy it.

The disc also came with a pack of 50th anniversary trading cards, which I haven’t opened because the pack is so pretty. I’m a sucker for collecting trading cards. I used to collect cards for shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation way back when, and I refuse to look at trading cards in stores because I know I will want to start collecting again. I really would love to collect these cards, but I can’t find them online; I think they haven’t been released yet. Dodged that bullet, at least for now.

Anyway, so I watched “The Day of the Doctor” again last night. We spent a lot of it searching for clues as to when the Eleventh Doctor forgets about what happened to the War Doctor. The sees the time fissure appear in the museum and says, “I remember this. Almost remember,” and that’s what we tried to figure out: at what point in the narrative did he no longer remember. He remembers the fissure and seems to remember the fez, but does not remember meeting the Eleventh Doctor when he was the Tenth Doctor. (Oh, I love how confusing discussing the Doctor’s self-meetings can become.) We came to the conclusion that it isn’t possible to sort it all out, and it’s better just to enjoy the show.

After all these viewings, tears still came to my eyes when the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors put their hands on the War Doctor’s to help him with firing the Moment. And the convergence of the thirteen Doctors on Gallifrey still makes my heart soar. And my husband still thinks my alternate timestream theory is bollocks. Life is good.

And now for something completely different. My friend and I are planning a trip to Great Britain next year. Neither of us has ever traveled abroad, and we chose the UK because we are both anglophiles. We’re planning to spend most of the time in London and a bit up in Scotland, but I’ve decided to insist on a trip to Wales to see, among other things, the Doctor Who Experience: after seeing what’s in that museum in “The Five(-ish) Doctors Reboot,” especially the TARDIS console displays, I have to see it. I’ve also started to try drinking tea, so that I can really get the whole British experience while traveling. It’s something I’ve hated ever since I was a child, but, I had a cup of plain Earl Grey tea this morning, and it was pretty good. I think maybe my tastes have matured a little.

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