You know you’ve been watching too much Doctor Who when…

Is there really such a thing as too much¬†Doctor Who? Not as far as I’m concerned. But, like most obsessions, it can really creep into your daily life. These are not just things that I’ve thought of to be funny. These are things I’ve actually done without premeditation. (One thing I’ve done with premeditation is pull out my sonic screwdriver toy and fire it at the car’s trunk at the moment my husband hit the remote control button to open it.)

You know you’ve been watching too much Doctor Who when…

  1. …while¬†watching Thor: The Dark World and they start fighting in Greenwich, your first, serious thought is “Aw man, London is getting destroyed AGAIN!”
  2. …apologizing to someone, you say, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”
  3. …someone taps on the table “tap tap tap tap…tap tap tap tap…tap tap tap tap” and you jump and look around for the Master.
  4. …to turn 90 degrees to the right, you spin dramatically on your heels.
  5. …you smile that wide, toothy, impish David Tennant grin. (It does not look good on me and I’ve consciously stopped myself from trying to do that anymore.)
  6. …you notice that your new shoes, which are dark brown with blue stitching and have laces that are dark brown with thin blue stripes, look like the Tenth Doctor’s suit. (They are now my favorite shoes!)
  7. …you turn the key in the car ignition while saying, “And now we fire up the helmic regulator!” In a British accent, of course.
  8. …you constantly sing “Song for Ten.” Everywhere – at home, in the shower, at work, driving to work, walking through a parking lot…