My husband asked me an interesting question yesterday, one that took me a few minutes to think about before I could answer.  He said,

“Are you afraid that ‘The Day of the Doctor’ is not going to be as good as you expect?”

The thought hadn’t occurred to me before that, but I realized that to answer it, I needed to know how good I expected the episode to be. I am very excited to see the episode on Monday (we don’t have TV service, so we have to wait until the theatrical screening), almost to the point of distraction (in the modern sense and the Jane Austen sense), but how good do I expect the episode to be?

To be completely honest, I’m not expecting it to be good. I’m also not expecting it to be bad. I suppose I’m not expecting anything as far as quality goes. I would love it to be a brilliant episode, but really will only be disappointed if it’s terrible. If it’s average or even somewhat bad, it won’t bother me.

What I’m expecting is more along the lines of what we’ll see in it. This is what I want to see (and don’t want to see) in “The Day of the Doctor.”

  • I want to find out the War Doctor’s history.
  • I want to see the War Doctor fire the Moment.
  • I don’t want to see the Nightmare Child, the Skaro Degradations, the Would-Be King and his army of Mean-whiles and Never-weres, and other previously-mentioned denizens of the Time War. They need to stay in the audience’s imagination, for that’s where they evince their terror.
  • I want the Tenth Doctor to have one really good, energetic, Tenth Doctor moment.
  • I want the Eleventh Doctor to remain the focus of the show. It’s his show, after all. Much as I love Ten, he’s the guest here. I suppose I’m afraid that having to work Ten into the episode will take valuable time and narrative away from the main story, which is Eleven and the War Doctor.
  • I want to see the War Doctor regenerate into the Ninth Doctor.

I really want to see that last one, though it’s highly improbable, given that Christopher Eccleston declined participation in the episode. It’s pretty much already known that the Moment, like the De-Mat Gun it’s based on, destroys the memories of the person firing it, at the very least, so it’s possible the War Doctor will die when he fires it. However he does die, I want to see it, and I would like very much to see the regeneration. It’s possible that they’ve been lying to us all this time and that Mr. Eccleston will appear, for that one scene. It’s also possible that like for Paul McGann, who stated that he wasn’t going to be in the 50th anniversary episode, they’ll release a mini-episode after “The Day of the Doctor” that shows the death and regeneration.

Crossing my fingers.