A slow day

I’m at home sick today, and I really don’t have much to say, but I’m posting anyway. You don’t have to read it.

I added a pic of my husband in his Fourth Doctor costume to my Fourth Doctor cosplay post. I don’t like posting pics of myself, but I’ll post pics of my husband. You can’t really see his hair in it, because by the time the photo was taken, the hat had tamped his carefully teased hair down, but earlier, it had been all curly and fluffy. Tom Baker would have been proud. His sideburns were also epic. I couldn’t get him to wear the scarf loosely, so you can’t see the cravat, either.

I started looking at the Eleventh Doctor sonic screwdriver remote control that I got with the series 1-7 blu-ray box set, and which you can buy separately at ThinkGeek. I have to say, this thing is a gorgeous replica. The copper areas are metal, the gray and the white areas are plastic, and the black area is leather (or simulated leather – not sure). It has a heft to it and feels solid. I don’t have batteries for it yet, so I can’t tell you if the sounds are good. However, if you want a good replica to display, this is worth it. My husband ordered the Tenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver remote for me, for my birthday, and I have high hopes for that. I may actually use it as a remote control, even. I still need a toy version to carry around with me; for now, I’m carrying around the pen that came with the Journal of Impossible Things, which lights up but doesn’t make a noise.

By the way, I don’t recommend buying the Journal of Impossible Things. It’s very flimsy, and sloppily made. For example, you can see in “Human Nature” that a couple of pages were torn out of the journal. When they scanned the journal to make the replica, they didn’t fold back the remnants of the torn pages, so the page they were scanning is partially covered by the remnant. Also, the artist who created the journal was given text and drawing ideas, but the text for each page wasn’t long enough to fill the page, so he/she just repeated the text. Unfortunately, that makes pretty boring reading. I recommend instead that you visit this website to see scans of all of the pages and read the transcript.