Fourth Doctor Cosplay

For Halloween this year, I created a Fourth Doctor costume for my husband and Fifth Doctor costume for myself. Sorry, no pictures of the Fifth Doctor costume: I hate posting pictures of myself. But, they came out rather well. In this post I thought I’d discuss what I did to create the costumes. (Actually, the Fifth Doctor will be in a different post, because it is going to be long.)

First, there are a couple of good sites that give you insight on how to build these costumes. Here are the sites I used.

  • Doctor Who Cosplay and Costuming: This page goes over every part of the Fifth Doctor’s costume and provides a lot of detailed information about Peter Davison’s wardrobe in each of his seasons. However, many of the links no longer work.
  • Making My Fifth Doctor Costume: This blog has links to the same person’s blog for each Doctor. He makes high-quality (and usually expensive) costumes, so it may not be useful if you want a cheap or quick costume. Also, his blog is full of posts about other tangentially-related things, so it’s hard to find the real information.
  • How to Dress Like the Fourth Doctor / Fifth Doctor: Anglophenia’s breakdowns are very superficial, giving you some suggestions on what might work without giving any real details (and is sometimes wrong). This is more useful for the Fourth Doctor than the Fifth Doctor.

The Fourth Doctor

Like most of the Doctors, the Fourth Doctor’s wardrobe changed from season to season. Luckily, his clothes kept to the same general formula: overall brown, with green and red thrown in, with big brown fedora and long scarf. I bought a few different jackets and pants in brown and gray, and found they all could work. The difficulty was the waistcoat.

Apparently, waistcoats aren’t common in America. I wanted a tweed one if possible, but a plain one would be fine, as long as it was brown or gray. I hit all the thrift stores in town and didn’t find a single one. Then I checked eBay, and they were all being sold from the UK, but none were what I was looking for. I eventually contacted an eBay seller, who found one for me. It was much redder than I wanted, but remember, red is one of his colors. So I purchased it, and instead of using a red cravat, which is what Four had most of the time, I used a dark green one.

So, here is the breakdown:

  • Jacket: Dark brown tweed from a thrift store. It’s a sport jacket, but you can also use a longer coat.
  • Waistcoat: Brown/red tweed from eBay
  • Shirt: Tuxedo shirt, which meant I also had to buy studs and cufflinks. The important part was the collar that sticks up.
  • Pants: Dark brown tweed from a thrift store
  • Cravat: Dark green paisley satin from a thrift store
  • Hat: Replica hat from ThinkGeek
  • Shoes: Black dress shoes
  • Props: Fourth Doctor sonic screwdriver from eBay, bags of Jelly Babies sent by a friend from the UK
  • Scarf: I knitted this from the pattern on You can purchase a replica online, if you can’t knit. Mine’s better – the colors are actually screen-accurate.
  • Hair/sideburns: Luckily, my husband has curly dark brown hair, so I had him grow it out for a few months. Mousse and hairspray, and it was perfect!

Mostly everything was purchased finished (except the scarf, of course), and the only work needed was to hem the pants. Pretty much an easy costume.

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